Compact Freezing/Vacuum-Drying Systems DFR Series


Freezing/vacuum-drying systems for low-volume production and research by the pharmaceutical industry require space-saving designs, low cost and high functionality. ULVAC has released the DFR Series to meet these demands. These models have outstanding temperature control, so can also be used with fine materials such as ceramics for the electronics industry.


  • Touch-panel operation, operation display, warning display, maintenance display
  • Shelf temperatures can be controlled by programs.
  • Completely automatic operation
  • Electronic expansion valve is provided standard.
  • Shelf plates are temperature-controlled by circulating a heating medium.
  • Use of new R-404a refrigerant helps protect the environment.


  • Low-volume freeze-drying processes for pharmaceutical products and fine materials


Pre-freezing temperature-35ºC to -40ºC
Cold trap temperature-40ºC to -45ºC
Temperature regulation range while drying-30ºC to +70ºC
Final pressure6.7Pa
Drying tank typeCylindrical horizontal type, with manually operated front-panel door
Drying tank materialSUS304 (inner surface coated with epoxy)
Shelf plate typeShallow box type, with circulating heating medium
Shelf plate materialSUS304
Shelf plate dimensions (mm)395W x 693L
Effective number of shelf levels2
Tray dimensions (mm)340W x 310L
Number of trays4
Cold trap water supply volume5 kg/batch
Cabinet dimensions (mm)840W x 1240L x 1700H
OptionsDigital eutectic point gauge
Alternate materials
Drying tank, cold trap leak filter
Main valve


Compact Freezing/Vacuum-Drying Systems  DFR Series