Desktop RTA Furnace



The MILA-5000 series can perform high speed heating, high speed cooling, and clean sample heating which are characteristics of the full size Infrared Gold Image Furnace RTA units. The MILA-5000 can heat materials under adjustable atmospheres and combines a temperature controller and protective quartz vacuum sample chamber into a compact, low cost system. With optional pumping, the sample chamber can reach a vacuum level of 4e-6 mbar. Programming and operation can be directly from the front panel, or by a USB connection to a PC running the included software that features data monitoring and collection.



• Crystal annealing of ferroelectric thin films
• Diffusion annealing, oxide film deposition annealing after ion implantation
• Sintering, alloying treatment of Si and compound wafers
• Glass substrate uniform temperature annealing
• Thermal cycle, thermal shock, thermal fatigue testing
• Temperature programmed desorption testing, catalytic effect testing


• 50°C/s high speed heating
• Select the desired atmosphere from vacuum, gas, gas flow, air
• Precise temperature control
• Compact, table-top design

Desktop RTA Furnace