High Temperature Microscope

ULVAC High Temperature Microscope, TMS Series

A furnace hot stage microscope capable of rapid heating and high temperature observations at high magnification (400x @ 1700°C).

This system combines an infrared furnace hot stage with an optical or confocal microscope for crisp, sharp focused observation of samples during heating from RT up to 1,700°C. Controlled heating rates of 16°C/sec are possible with the sample housed in a clean sealed chamber which can be pumped to vacuum conditions or flooded with inert or reactive cover gas. Digital video software overlays the temperature data and time signals on the sample observation screen. Time lapse video capture is also available.


• Crystal transformation, precipitation, and solidification of metallic materials
• Observation of bonding surface organizational change, crystal growth and precipitates of various materials
• Thermal cycle measurement of polymer materials from crystallization, melting to resolidification
  • Can perform vacuum gas displacement
  • Capable of transmission deflection observations (P1R model)
  • Can be combined with a laser microscope
  • Installable in a clean room
  • High speed heating and cooling possible, 
  • Capable of high temperature observations at 1600°C (E1S model)
  • Capable of observing 2-inch substrates (P44 model)


High Temperature Microscope