Multi Chamber Type Equipment ENTRONTM N300


 ENTRON N300 is the cluster type deposition system which equipped the process technology of next generation semiconductor. It offers the critical process of the next-generation semiconductor, such as “Cu Barrier Seed PVD for TSV”, “Aluminum Emitter Wiring PVD for Large Diameter Substrate Power Devices”, and “Aluminum Re-Distribution Layer PVD and Under Bump Metal PVD for High-Density Packaging”. Furthermore, all user will satisfied by the most environmentally-friendly concept as an aggregate of energy-saving technologies in ENTRON-series. 













  • Variety of process capability for advanced semiconductor devices
  • The single core platform which capables up to 6 modules integration offering an effective investment flexibility for users
  • Environmentally-Friendly Concept Design
  • Control system design applicable for Semiconductor Fab automation requirement
  • Environmental consideration
    Installing various energy saving functions and achieving 40% energy saving on the current model.
  • Equipped with the control system that complies with the next generation semiconductor Fab.
    The excellent thin film control and the EES compliance. Complies with the high advanced automation Fab.


  • Cu Barrier Seed PVD for TSV
  • Aluminum Re-Distribution Layer PVD for High-Density Packaging
  • Under Bump Metal PVD for High-Density Packaging
  • Aluminum Emitter Wiring PVD for Large Diameter Substrate Power
    Devices, etc.


ConfigurationTransfer systemEFEM, Vacuum transfer module x1
ModuleL/UL module x2 + Max 5 process modules + Degas or cooling module
Wafer size300mm diameter
Transfer robotDual arm type high vacuum transfer robot "ELEC-RZ"
Control systemFA-PC control (Cluser tool controller)
Pumping systemMain pumpLL module : DRP
Transfer module : Cryo pump or TMP+ Trap or DRP
Process module : Cryo pump or TMP (+ trap)
Roughing pumpRoughing dry pump, TMP fore dry pump
ModuleSputteringSputter-down/ Rotary magnet cathode:
Conventional, LTS, SIS, Triple gun cathode
HeatingDegas, H2 Anneal
Pre-cleanICP pre etching
Process gas linePVD: Max 4 lines, CVD: Max 14 lLines Etcher: Max 11 lines
SubstrateGlass support wafer, Ultra-thin wafer
ThroughputMechanical through put: 80 wph (Double transfer)
Ultimate pressureLoad lock<10Pa
THK uniformity *1300mm diameter <+/-5%
Process tempR.T -450 degrees C
Electricity50Hz/60Hz, 3 phase, 200V
Cooling water0.3 to 0.5MPa, Temp 20 to 25 degrees C,
For chiller: 120L/min
For He compressor: 15L/min
For DRP: 3L/min×units
GasGas for process: 0.1 to 0.3MPa
Gas for vent N2 purge:0.2 to 0.7MPa
N2 for DRP N2 purge:0.2 to 0.7MPa
Compressed pressure0.50 to 0.7MPa
Energy saving functionStandard equipment
GroundingA class
EES:EDPMS(Equipment Engineering Systtem)

*1  Dependent on the film material.

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Multi Chamber Type Equipment  ENTRONTM N300